The Urban Choral Arts Society Inc.

A program in residence at the Eubie Blake National Jazz Institute & Cultural Center

The Urban Choral Arts Society is dedicated to improving the achievement and esteem of Baltimore area youth through choral music and cultural arts. We seek to build a community of artists, preserve music of the African diaspora, and empower youth with competitive artistic skills for innovation.

According to the Chorus Impact Study commissioned by Chorus America in 2009, results show that choral participation cultivates positive attributes in singers, which in turn, benefits communities. The results further show that children who sing in choruses have academic success and valuable life skills. Additionally, both parents and educators (from every discipline) attribute a significant part of a child’s academic success to singing in a choir.

While the research determined there are numerous academic and social benefits resulting from a child’s participation in a chorus, it also pointed to an alarming trend suggesting that these opportunities are not available, or are being reduced or eliminated from schools across the country.

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