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Urban Choral Arts Society

2022-2023 Singers Roster

Janee Johnson, Music Director & Collaborative Pianist

Mary Fields, Soprano || Jade Madden, Alto || Delia Hatten, Alto+  

Angel Strong-Archer, Soprano || Maya Millsape, Alto* || Yolanda Redding, Soprano 

 John Paige, Baritone* 

Cimone Austin, Soprano* || Amira Hatten, Alto* || Lamiera Woodard, Soprano* || Etta Russell-Scott, Soprano || Danielle Muse, Soprano 

Ken Alston, Jr., Tenor || Tyrone Flowers, Baritone+ || Maya Millsape, Alto* 

 Edward Washington, Tenor || Navay Lee, Alto*

*Indicates Student Member

+Indicates Graduate